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      Vero Farms: Where We Source Our All Natural CBD

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      Kopari Co-founders, Gigi Goldman and Kiana Cabell, added a little bit of farmhouse to their beach-girl routine, when they visited Vero Farms, our CBD wellness purveyor. It was two tickets to Corvallis, Oregon, road-tripping deep into the Willamette River Valley. Here in the sustainable farming community is where Kopari discovered its perfect match for coconut...the hemp plant.  

      “The beauty industry has come along way. Today, it’s about feeling good as opposed to only looking good, which is incredibly powerful,” said Kopari Co-founder, Gigi Goldman.

      dirt path in a hemp field

      Located on 70+ acres of rich, organic soil, Vero, which means truth in Latin, is dedicated to clean botanically driven CBD production so the focus remains on consistent purity. While most CBD companies rarely allow a look inside the process, Vero is totally transparent, ensuring sustainability and effectiveness—something we definitely want in Kopari’s CBD products.

      hemp leaf being held


      Which brings us to our CBD difference.

      • THE WHOLE STORY: Our CBD is the very definition of wholesome, with Vero using the whole plant everytime—that means we include all the terpenes and cannabinoids just as Mother Nature intended—so the final product contains the full spectrum of beneficial components to treat a range of conditions. 
      • THE NEED FOR SLOW: When an ingredient like CBD is all the rage, manufacturers speed up the process to churn out large quantities using chemicals and solvents. When the extraction process isn’t done correctly, the results can be A) Pretty scary and B) Therapeutically ineffective. It’s why we take the slow road.  
      • THE COOL(ER) FACTOR : Vero’s patented process is free of all heat, reducing the CBD plant through cold-pressing then crushing it into an all-natural powder form. So pure, Vero has patented this ultra-fine vibrant green powder—the only one on the beauty market. 

      “When it comes to ingredients, we don’t just look the part. Consumers demand more from their products,” said Kopari Co-founder Kiana Cabell. “We know because we started as those consumers when we built Kopari.” 

      founders in hemp field holding cbd deo,recovery balm, and calm cream


      What makes our CBD unique? 

      Vero Naturals: A wellness-focused CBD company, their patented plant reduction technology allows us to deliver all of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds without using any heat, any chemicals or any CO2.

      Grown in the USA: Grown in organic soil on family-owned farms in Oregon.

      Full-Spectrum Entourage Effect: Whole hemp plant cold-pressed into a fine powder retaining 100% of the plant’s nutrients.

      Chemical & Solvent Free: This organic, sustainable CBD never ever comes close with chemicals or solvents. 

      Non-Psychoactive: No chance of getting you high.

      Vegan & Cruelty-Free: No animal by-products and never tested on animals.

      With so many eco-minded products, virtuosity and vanity don’t always align. We proved otherwise with our coconuts and now we can safely stand behind the purest CBD on the market. So here’s to the perfect pairing of good-for-environment brands with good-for-you results. Learn what makes coconut oil and CBD the ultimate partners.

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