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      What’s the Difference between CBD vs. Hemp Oil in Beauty?

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      The drive at Kopari has always been pretty simple: Make clean beauty products that are yummy but also effective and always, always, always provide transparency in everything we do for our customers. So we’re here to demystify the CBD and hemp difference in regular-sized print to help you better digest. OK, here goes!

      full hemp plant

      CBD & Hemp Oil, The Same But Different 

      Both CBD and hemp oil originate from the cannabis plant. While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, these two are inherently different products. Hemp oil is made from industrial hemp plants, which are grown and manufactured specifically for their fiber and seeds. Typically, hemp oil is extracted from the seeds only, versus the other various parts of the cannabis plant, that DO NOT contain any CBD, therefore devoid of its therapeutic benefits.

      founder with marijuana leaf

      CBD Goes Beyond the Seed

      The flowers and leaves of the cannabis plant contain the highest quantity of CBD. It’s a complicated and expensive extraction method, which makes true CBD balms and creams way spendier than hemp oil. You can see why tricky manufacturers mislead consumers. To get the full benefits of CBD, make sure you buy certified and verified CBD products. Note those little circle icons on our packages? They’ve been hard earned for your benefit.

      Grown in the USA – Grown in organic soil on family-owned farms in Oregon.

      Full-Spectrum Entourage Effect – Whole hemp plant cold-pressed into a fine powder retaining 100% of the plant’s nutrients.

      Chemical & Solvent Free – This organic, sustainable CBD never ever comes close with chemicals or solvents.

      Non-Psychoactive – No chance of getting you high.

      Vero Naturals – A wellness focused CBD company, their patented plant reduction technology allows us to deliver all of the hemp plant’s beneficial compounds without using any heat, any chemicals or any CO2.

      Vegan & Cruelty-Free – No animal by products and never tested on animals.

      founder inspecting marijuana plant

      Why is Kopari’s CBD unique to the market?

      As you know, we’re super purists when it comes to sourcing. This is no different for our new CBD collection. We use full-spectrum whole-plant CBD made from a patented process of reducing and cold-pressing the entire hemp plant—not just bits and pieces. These are sustainable plants grown in organic Oregon soil along the Willamette River Valley. We enlist the flowers, leaves, and stalks so all of the cannabinoids and terpenes work together in harmony as mother nature intended. This is known as the full-spectrum entourage effect.