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      National Selfie Day

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      Five Steps To The Perfect Selfie 

           In theory, taking a selfie is pretty self-explanatory: point, smile, shoot. The reality however, is that getting the perfect shot is no simple task. While some might find filling up a camera roll with nearly identical snaps of one’s self a bit vain, we’re of the camp that you can never take too many photos. Whether you’re shooting solo or getting the group shot with the help of a selfie stick, the selfies you snap end up becoming memories you’ll cherish forever. So, in honor of National Selfie Day (today!), we thought it’d be fitting to share some of our favorite selfie-taking tips. No matter what your stance on selfies, there’s no day like National Selfie Day to snap a few! Here are five steps to taking the perfect selfie.


      1. Highlight Your Favorite Features

           Whether it be bold brows or killer cheekbones, highlighting your best features pre-selfie is a must. No need to bust out the whole makeup bag for this one—just grab your favorite highlighter (ours is Coconut Body Glow, obvi) and dot it on where you want to reflect a little extra light.

      2. Prep Your Pout

           The days of duck-faced selfies are out, but that doesn’t mean you should forget about your pout!  Coconut your kisser with a bit of Coconut Lip Love for a dose of hydration and just the right amount of glossy shine.

      3. Find Your Light 

           Ever wondered how car selfies became such a phenomenon? It’s all about the light! For a seriously flattering selfie every time, find natural, diffused light (usually, that means in the shade or a short distance away from a window) before snapping away.


      4. Work The Camera With Confidence

           Experiment with angles, try out a big, toothy grin, or play coy à la Kylie with a sly half-smile. Selfies are all about self-expression, so there are definitely NO rules. Do whatever it takes to make you feel your best!


      5. Remember—It’s Not That Deep

           Ok, so we did just say that there are no rules when it comes to selfies. But if there were one unwritten selfie rule, it’d be that it’s never that deep. Never take yourself or your selfie too seriously!

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