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      What Is Your Break Out Telling You?

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           We’re going to come right out and say it: breakouts seriously suck. They often come at the worst times, like before a job interview or big event, and seemingly for no reason at all. Or at least that’s what we used to think until we learned about face mapping. Have you heard about it?

           With roots in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, the practice of face mapping isn’t exactly new, but it has been picking up traction in recent years thanks to the clean beauty movement. To understand how face mapping works, you’ve got to take the term literally—think of your face as a map divided into zones, with each zone corresponding to an internal organ or organ system. When blemishes occur, that’s your skin’s way of signaling that something below the surface is off balance. Face mapping makes it easy to figure out the why behind your breakouts. 

      Zone 1: Above Your Eyebrows
      Breakouts above your brows and along your forehead can be linked to issues within the bladder and digestive system. The easiest fix is increasing your water intake and steering clear of processed foods.

      Zone 2: Between Your Eyebrows
      If you’re prone to breaking out in the area between your eyebrows, you might want to consider whether or not you have a food allergy or sensitivity. This area is also related to your liver, so cutting back on your alcohol consumption could be the cure too.


      Zone 3: Cheeks
      Clear up your cheeks by clearing the air. Breakouts in this area can indicate respiratory distress from things like seasonal allergies or smoking. If neither seem to be the issue, try sanitizing your cell phone, washing your pillowcase frequently, and consistently cleansing your face morning and night. Our recently launched Coconut Cleansing Oil should do the trick! 


      Zone 4: Nose
      Blemishes near your nose can often be attributed to circulatory or blood pressure issues. The solution? Try consuming less red meat and more foods that keep cholesterol levels low—think leafy greens and good fats, like coconut oil!


      Zone 5: Chin And Jawline
      Breaking out on your chin or along your jawline usually indicates a hormonal imbalance. For females, these breakouts are nearly unavoidable thanks to your menstrual cycle. However, you can act early by getting enough sleep, upping your water intake, and avoiding unnecessary stresses.

           Next time you find yourself battling a breakout, use this guide to clear skin up quicker and more importantly, keep the blemishes from coming back.

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